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Tinnitus Management

Tinnitus Management is treatment based on our understanding of the three systems involved in tinnitus; the auditory system, the autonomic system and the limbic system. Because the subconscious parts of the brain have become trained to focus on the weak electrical signals coming from the inner ear (neurological activity), it is necessary to re-train these subconscious filters. This retraining may be accomplished through a careful combination of counseling, guidance and sound therapy which may include sound generators (consisting of either major or minor fractal tones, s tones, low-level white noise, pink noise, red noise or narrow band noise), hearing aids, combination devices, SoundCure, Neuromonics, or environmental sound therapy.

In all cases, it is vital to address both ears and to address the altered filtering of the neurological signals coming from the ear, by the brain. These filters can be reset so that they do not transmit tinnitus messages to the hearing cortex (the subconscious part of the brain), which would result in tinnitus no longer being heard or a decrease in the general awareness of the tinnitus.