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“I suffered from tinnitus for 25 years & hyperacusis for 20. I suffered from the ringing, the sensitivity, the pain, the anxiety for years & it was awful. That is until I started treatment with Dr. Maresca. For the first time she gave me hope that I could feel better & get my life back. No more avoiding social situations, parties & weddings where there would be music, movies, driving with the car windows down or using the car radio, complaining if my friends & family were being 'too noisy'. My whole life had been adjusted so that I would not be in pain & that my tinnitus would get worse. I created a silent world where I turned within & resigned myself to the fact that I would have to live that way forever.

When I heard about Dr. Maresca & the Tinnitus/Hyperacusis Management program my friends & family urged me to try it but I was still skeptical. How could ringing & sensitivity that had been there for over 20 years ever get better? In just one visit with Dr. Maresca I was so pleased & for the first time, hopeful. She was empathetic & showed me that she understood all of my problems. Her talks with me were informative & I really learned a lot about what had been happening in my ears & how it would be treated. She gave me goals & also the confidence to believe that I would reach them.

I have only been in treatment for a few months now but the change has been extraordinary. My tinnitus is an afterthought even though I am still working on it but the sensitivity in my ears is almost all gone. It's like someone turned down the volume on the world to a level that is finally comfortable for me but of course the change has come from the Tinnitus/Hyperacusis Management Program. I am able to go places & do things that I have not done for years. My friends & family have noticed a positive change & now when we're all watching a movie I'M the one asking THEM to turn it up! I look forward to my life now with hope instead of anxiety & I look forward to all of the things I will be able to do now that my hearing is no longer the issue it once was.

If you know the suffering of which I speak, don't hesitate to make an appointment with Dr. Maresca to learn more about TRT & how it can improve your life. She is professional & friendly, her office staff is wonderful & if you're anything like me, I can promise you your life will never be the same."

- Kristi F.

“I am able to effectively communicate with everyone in my life via in person, on the phone, etc. She is so caring and personable. She takes her time to listen to you and understand your lifestyle to see what type of model would fit your lifestyle the best. Before Dr. Maresca, I went to another well known Hearing and Tinnitus specialist group. They did not put in half the time that is required for a proper fit for a hearing aid, I realize now. This practice did not have nearly as many options and did not delve into my lifestyle at all to see how active I am. In addition, that practice acted as if I was a nuisance. I wound up returning them and thank God my daughter found Dr. Maresca! She has truly made life enjoyable again because no longer am I frustrated by not being able to hear! She is a miracle worker!”

- Theresa D

“Dr. Maresca has allowed me to deal with my tinnitus in a very pro-active manner. She has given me hope for a better future of hearing clarity. Dr. Maresca’s medical care is second to none. Her professionalism is outstanding and the quality of care is awesome. She hears my concerns and comes up with a plan to adjust them. I feel blessed that Dr. Maresca has come into my life. She has provided me a pro-active approach to my tinnitus situation. Her care and understanding is evident in her approach with her patients. She is truly dedicated to her profession and the well-being of her patients. I have recommended her to my friends and family.”

- James R

My treatment with Dr. Maresca has greatly improved my quality of life. I No longer feel like I am yelling, I no longer ask people to repeat themselves a hundred times. I also don’t say what or huh constantly. I hear 100% better than I thought I was supposed to hear. Dr. Maresca is an awesome Doctor. Being 24 years old, getting hearing aids was stressful and confusing, but Dr. Maresca made it so simple. She would explain things to me 100 times if I needed it. She made sure I was comfortable the whole way. She’s a very knowledgeable doctor. For the last 23 years I was hearing how I though everyone else heard. Getting hearing aids at a young age is stressful and scary, but it was the best decision I’ve made. Most of the time I forget they are there. I honestly wish I would have gotten them when I was younger. I couldn’t ask for a better doctor to help me out. I never felt rushed or pressured. She let me know all my options and let me choose. My life is 100% better with hearing aids.”

- Ashlee R

Treatment with Dr. Maresca has removed much of the self-imposed stress that I felt in the early stages of my health ordeal, which included the fear of losing my hearing in the affected ear. During my work days, I very rarely think about the humming in my ear. Dr. Maresca makes you feel calm and comfortable with the medical care she provides. I feel the hearing/tinnitus devices have been very helpful in my journey to perhaps one day to be able to completely forget about my tinnitus. I feel that Dr. Maresca will help me to get to the place I ultimately aspire to…to almost completely be oblivious to the humming / ringing in my ear and be able to listen to life around me.”

- John L