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There are many different hearing aid technologies available to patients today.

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"Communication is the key to life and keeping relationships strong.”

Dr. Maresca’s focus is Better Hearing Healthcare. “Better hearing translates into improvement in the quality of someone’s life.” 28 Million Americans have a significant hearing loss, yet less than 20% seek treatment to better their lives. Hearing improvement can lead to an increase in socializing, better relationships and a general enjoyment of life. Dr. Maresca is dedicated to helping each and every patient on their individual journey to hearing life again!

Hearing Screening

A hearing screening is a quick 15 minute hearing test. 6 “beeps” are presented to you. If you hear all of the beeps, then the recommendation is to see you back again next year…just like an annual physical exam at your doctor’s office. If you do not hear all of the beeps, then a full Hearing Test / Audiological Evaluation is recommended.

Hearing Test / Audiologic Evaluation

Otoscopic: Dr. Maresca will look into your ears to make sure the ear canal is clear and your ear drum looks as it should.

Tympanogram: A quick "picture" will be taken of your ears to see if you have any fluid, congestion, or pressure build up behind your ear drum, in your middle ear space.

Pure Tone Testing: "When you hear the beep, press the button!" A series of tones will be presented to you. Your responses will tell us how well you are hearing at each frequency/pitch tested.

Speech testing Discrimination: A list of words will be presented to you and you will be asked to repeat these words. Your responses will tell us how well you are able to understand speech.

Types of Hearing Loss

Conductive: A conductive hearing loss occurs when there is an abnormality in either the outer ear/ear canal or the middle ear, which is the ear drum and the little air space behind it which houses the 3 bones, the “hammer”, the “anvil” and the “stirrup”.

Sensorineural: A sensorineural hearing loss occurs when there is an abnormality in the inner ear, which is where the “nerve of hearing” is.

Mixed: A mixed hearing loss is when a patient has both a conductive, as well as, a sensorineural hearing loss.

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The average time from when someone thinks that they may have a hearing problem until the time they have their hearing checked is about 5 years. The average time from when someone is diagnosed with a hearing loss until the time they do something about it and are fit with hearing aids is another 5 years.

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